Due to our 30-year presence in the European linguistic services market, we have acquired a lot of experience and know-how. You can rest assured that we will bring every iota of our experience and expertise to your project. For details, please see our brochure or request specific information via our Information page.

Our fields of specialisation have the following points in common:
ATTIMEDIA has a multinational, multicultural team of highly qualified and experienced translators, revisers, linguists and other experts. Our specialisations cover a wide range of fields and many key sectors of economic activity, notably:

ATTIMEDIA has a multinational, multicultural team of highly qualified and experienced translators, revisers, linguists and other experts. Our specialisations cover a wide range of fields and many key sectors of economic activity, notably:

European affairs

A large number of European institutions and international organisations occupying strategic positions in the economic, political and social life of the European Union, as well as many national and multinational companies, make use of our linguistic services on an everyday basis. ATTIMEDIA is an accredited translation agency for the bodies of the European Union, translating official documents of the European Parliament, European Commission and other institutions.


Many leaders of the banking and financial sector in the strict sense, but also of the public sector in general, entrust our company with the translation of highly specialised documents in the fields of economics and finance. Sector-specific products include annual reports, audit reports, mutual fund periodic reports, sales reports, etc. We are also more than happy to address your company’s specific needs in this area..


Our work in this field includes, among others, prospectus and marketing papers, press releases, brochures, sales and business strategy presentations. We also handle client satisfaction questionnaires, promotion and product placement documents, as well as market analysis forms. Whatever your company’s marketing needs, whenever you need your message to make the desired impact, let us be creative for you!.


ATTIMEDIA translates documents such as private agreements, contracts and memoranda of association, as well as commercial dispute documentation, sales agreements, etc. European Court of Justice documents, which call for a perfect understanding of European law and refer to the various stages of the administrative or legal process (statement in defence, retort, rejoinder, plea of inadmissibility, etc.), form a part of our expertise in legal affairs..

ICT & Electronics

Our projects in this sector include everything from social media promotion texts, company statements and technical documentation to software and webpage localisation. ATTIMEDIA’s experience in translating documents such as user guides, manuals and product leaflets is major. Meeting your needs in this field is a welcome challenge for us..

Technical / Industrial

Our expertise is based on meticulous documentation, systematic creation and management of specific glossaries, terminology databases and, if needs be, consultation with other experts. We also have extensive experience in project and tender documentation for civil engineering projects. We are an accredited service provider to major European and international companies, institutions of the European Union and Greek public sector entities. We achieve best results by adapting our services to your company’s needs.

Medical, veterinary & life sciences

Our company’s experience and expertise in these areas guarantee the efficiency and quality of our work. Regulatory aspects and country-specific legislation are taken into account in order to successfully complete the translation and revision process. From packaging material, medical notices and product catalogues to test reports, clinical trials, specialised editions and technical equipment documentation, we cater for a wide variety of documents.

Green development & environment

The sectors of green development and technology, as well as the environmental sector, are increasingly important. Areas such as renewable energies, agricultural innovation and research are today’s hot issues. ATTIMEDIA’s knowledge and long experience, as well as our expertise in specialised and technical terminology ensure the best result for your documents in these fields.

Entertainment & Fashion

Among our clients and projects in this sector are specialised leisure companies, publishers, social media and web operators, as well as free press, specialised editions, including fashion magazines, child-oriented editions, and others. We apply all our knowledge and expertise combined with our creativity to assure best quality for your projects. The possibilities are endless!